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SST 11 Podcast | Ep 25 | Redesigning Using Empathy Interviews

How do you find the root cause of an issue? Host Eric Neal sits down with the co-founders of Community Design Partners, Kari Nelsestuen and Julie Smith, to talk about ...

SST 11 Podcast | Ep 24 | Leading with Curiosity in Neuro-Diverse Communication

What exactly do you know about the realm of neuro-diverse communication? We’re here today with Aaron Lanou and Colin Ozeki to talk about rethinking your mindset, shari...

SST 11 Podcast | Ep 23 | Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio

Host Eric Neal is joined by guest Jessica Weithman, Pre-apprenticeship Coordinator at the Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio.

SST 11 Podcast | Ep 22 | Equity-Centered, Trauma-Informed Practices

Host Eric Neal interviews Dr. Gabrielle Hicks. Dr. Hicks is a Translational Researcher at the Center for Education and Training for Employment at The Ohio State Univer...

SST 11 Podcast | Ep 21 | School-Based Mental Health

Host Eric Neal is joined by Nicole Kahler, School-Based Mental Health Consultant at the Ohio Department of Education.

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